How To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally



Vaginas can be firm and tight or they can be a little relaxed and hence feel loose. The form and firmness of a vagina will change with age. This is not just true for women who are forty years of age or older. Teenagers will experience changes through their adolescent years. Young women aged twenty one and older will observe changes. The vagina will undergo physiological changes after the first time a woman has sexual intercourse and subsequently over a period of time. However, these changes are quite subtle and a woman may not realize how her vagina has changed over the years until it has lost its natural firmness.

Most women feel their vaginas have relaxed after pregnancy and childbirth. Those who opt for a caesarean may not have as much a loosened vagina as women opting for natural childbirth, albeit that is being debated by some gynecologists. Pregnancy itself has an impact on the vaginal muscles, the pelvic floor, size of the uterus obviously and the bladder. Pregnancy will lead to vaginal relaxation to varying extents regardless of the process of childbirth. Old age is definitely going to cause vaginal relaxation. This is not unique to the vaginal muscles, the labia and the vulva. Humans would have saggy skin and lose mass in their muscles as they age. This is equally true for men as well. The muscles and skin in the vaginal area will show signs of ageing and a woman may want to tighten up down there for different reasons.

There are many ways to tighten up down there. Not all are effective and some are actually invasive. We are not including vaginoplasty in our ten tips to tighten your vagina because it is an invasive surgical procedure. The reconstructive plastic surgery has several risks and there will be some side effects. The procedure is expensive and there is no guarantee that you would have firmer vagina after one such reconstructive plastic surgery. Let us explore ten tips to tighten your vagina without any invasive procedure or unnatural and synthetic product.

Maintain impeccable personal hygiene

You should wash your vagina with water. Always wash from the front and towards the back, never the other way around. Do not use any fancy soap or a product that contains chemicals. You may want to use some mild soap but that too should be limited to the outer areas of your vagina. Do not scrub or rub the area hastily or with brute force. You must not cause any abrasion. Limit the friction of rubbing and scrubbing. If you inflame the skin and scar the tissues down there, the muscles will get damaged and you would need time to heal. Older women and those who already have weaker pelvic muscles and a relaxed vagina may not always heal completely if the tissues are seriously scarred or the skin is severely inflamed.

Personal hygiene also includes what you wear

Do not wear any underwear that is too tight for your vagina. You should also be careful about how your undergarments cling onto the body. You must not choose fabrics that lead to bruising or scarring of the skin. You must avoid fabrics that do not let the skin breathe. You should always wear clean underwear and get rid of anything that causes discomfort. You may have to spend a little more for quality lingerie but that is a reality every woman has to deal with to feel comfortable down there. Comfort is more important than feeling sexy. A healthy vagina is more important than how you think you would appear in a piece. Unsurprisingly, hygiene and underwear play an influential role in determining how tight or firm your vagina is in the long term.

You should drink plenty of water throughout the day

Most doctors recommend up to a gallon of plain water. You should drink more if you are very active and work out an hour or longer. Three gallon of water is what you should aim for if you do not work out and spend most of the day sitting or doing normal tasks at work and at home. Water is quintessential for healthy skin and hydrated muscles. You cannot have a tight vagina if you are dehydrated. Water would not only ensure your skin is youthful and your muscles are stronger but you will also be able to retain the lubricants that the body generates on its own to facilitate sexual intercourse.

If you have a dry vagina, especially during sex, then you must use lubricant

A dry vagina is not uncommon. Many women tend to lose their ability to be truly sexually aroused during sex. This happens more as one ages and sex becomes a routine than an exciting activity. Dry vagina will lead to painful sex. Sexual intercourse would be far from pleasurable and you would have damaged skin and muscles in the area. You may feel substantial vaginal pain later and you may even refrain from having sex the way you would want. Use a natural lubricant as an effective remedy.

You should take charge of your sex life

Women who tend to control the various motions during sex and sexual intercourse in particular would have firmer vagina. This is quite simple to understand. The more you work your pelvic muscles and other parts of your body, the stronger they are and you would have better control to regulate their movements. One of the reasons of vaginal relaxation is loss of control, which is facilitated by a weaker pelvic floor.

Avoid having rough sex if it is becoming painful and there are other side effects

You may notice some pigmentation in the vaginal area. There could be some tiny clots or you may even bleed. Rough sex is fine but in moderation. If your vaginal muscles have lost their firmness and you do not feel much stimulation, hence fail to experience an orgasm, then you may be tempted to try something experimental or a hardcore act. You can always experiment with sex but to an extent. Stop experimentation if it worsens vaginal relaxation.

You should consult your gynecologist once in a while

Ideally, women should visit their gynecologist once a year. This may not be imperative for those in their early twenties or even early thirties. Women in their late thirties and beyond should be aware of what is happening down there and in the female reproductive organs. Many women do not realize that their uterus may have dropped a little lower than its normal position and this can exert extra pressure on the pelvic floor, thereby weakening the muscles in due course of time. This could be the cause of vaginal relaxation and hence only undoing this cause with exercises and other remedies will lead to a tighter or firmer vagina.

Exercises are a must if you want a tighter vagina

You should work on your core muscles, the pelvic muscles and hip flexors. You should also work on your legs. You can do squats, leg raises, crunches and other core exercises. You can be a regular jogger. You may hit the gym or do yoga. You may do Pilates. Exercise will always tone your muscles and strengthen them. Kegel exercises a particularly effective workout to strengthen your vaginal muscles. These are designed specifically for pregnant women and those who have a relaxed or loose vagina. In addition to being good for your vaginal muscles, Kegel exercises would also enhance the strength of your pelvic floor, thereby supporting the uterus, bladder, rectum and vagina. You should seriously consider Kegel exercises and other workouts if you want to tighten up down there.

You must lose weight if you are overweight or obese

Obesity has a direct impact on muscular strength and control of various parts of your body. Overweight and obese women will have weaker pelvic floors. Slender women who do not exercise may also have weak pelvic muscles but they would at least have the ability to be a little supple compared with women who are obese and unfit. Aim for a healthy body mass index and you would naturally regain some firmness in your vagina. The body mass index should be appropriately assessed based on age too and not just the proportion of height and weight.

One of the most effective ways to tighten your vag is V-Tight Gel

Vaginal tightening creams increase the blood flow to the area. They help with cellular regeneration. Increased blood flow replenishes the tissues and helps damaged or scarred muscles heal faster. Vaginal tightening creams also increase the secretion of sex hormones. An increased libido will lead to more pleasurable sex. V-Tight Gel is a natural cream that has many beneficial ingredients. You can avert skin inflammations and even fight some radicals in the vaginal area. If you are looking for a simple but safe way to increase the firmness of your vaginal muscles, then V-Tight Gel is an easy choice.


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